The Stranger Within

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Magazine Submissions

Chess board

Two children in space joining hands looking at the Earth

Steps in the rocks leading to mountain top

Iceberg in the sea

Planet in the sky behind clouds

dandelion seeds

Cactus garden

A man's face in shadow

A cute rat's face

Newsletter Articles

Steps in rocks with mountain view

Cows facing off



Abstract faces with penetrating eyes

Sunlight filtering through trees

Flooded street

Members of a family in silhouette

Pile of stones in a river

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Water droplet

Blackerberries and raspberries

Lily pad

African elephants in silouette against sunset background

Sunset over the sea

A head of a Buddha

Spiritual Insights

Aman in space exhibiting near death experiences

misty green building in slimy, wooded background

Silhouette of people behind a barb-wire fence

display of various meats

A Urangutan and baby

parched desert floor

A ladybird on a blade of grass

Two identical babies

Sacks of stored rice

A tree in a meadow with a tree in the desert

A tree in the desert

A honey bee flying near a flower


Sunset over sea

Policemen in uniform

Three women in university clothing


Industrial pollution

Lake with sunset

Two girls looking on the ground

Two young girls sitting outside

Group of bullocks

Open hands

The world in space with coronavirus

close up of eyes over a background of industrial pollution


Mob with fire and unrest