The Stranger Within

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Cows facing off


Winter Newsletter 2023

Conflict very much defines this civilisation – this is what I have understood from our tutors, and it is not difficult to accept this with the conflict that we know about in our history, as well as the conflict in today's news. Why is conflict so much a part of the evolution of this time? We know that we are in the fifth civilisation and that much has been learnt by all spirits up to now through previous civilisations and within other civilisations elsewhere going back a very long time. We have gained spiritual strength along the way and perhaps some wisdom to draw upon. So, is this why the Earth is the most evil it has ever been? Is this why there is so much conflict on every level, from the individual to the international and the whole world? Because it is not just the very obvious conflict of wars that are raging around the world, but the conflict between friends and family, between communities and colleagues, between genders, races and creeds and, of course, between light and dark. All these conflicts have a root, and could this root be found from the conflict within each individual which then spreads out to infect those it touches? Conflict is destructive and evil feeds on this destruction.

We know that the Earth and what it is going through is part of the Great Mind's Universal Tapestry and the overall plan for Eritha at this time. For everything there is a reason and we are not asking 'why' enough, as we have discussed many times during our meetings. If we stand back and look at the bigger picture and reason why, this thinking inevitably takes us down to the individual and our own personal responsibility in this design and how we might be contributing to the destruction but also how we might help. Are we part of the problem as well as the solution? We are, after all, here to teach as well as to learn. Perhaps this responsibility needs to be more fully realised before the larger conflicts we see around us are resolved. How often might we all think at times, "Well, what can I do?" Especially with the bigger picture conflicts we see around the world; these and our own conflicts all reflect to some degree the battle between light and dark, good and evil and cause destruction at different levels and at different times in all our lives.

So, if we feel responsible, which may have been triggered by events and circumstances our life has found itself in, the answer must surely be to look even more closely at ourselves and ask some difficult questions; to try and get ourselves in the best possible place with truth, understanding and acceptance of who we are so as to confront the evil that is today, and promote the light of tomorrow – because light always wins in the end.

I learnt more clearly from Paddina at a recent Friday evening meeting that it is peace of mind that gains you confidence, and that if you have peace of mind, you have the time to consider how you should be. Paddina went on to say that if there is a situation where you might be feeling an emotion, if you are naturally at peace, you would not wish to respond physically, you have control, and it is that peace of mind which enables you to have that strength and that control. And we know that the key to peace is drawing on our own spiritual strength and finding the courage to face the truth about ourselves, often helped by experiences we go through and people we meet along the way and those we are close to, as well as in our meditation. All this will test us and give opportunity to learn.

I am also minded of Lord Ult's words many years ago when talking about getting to know ourselves and finding a balance, and he said we have to 'fight to overcome'. I have often reminded myself of these words when tackling difficult thoughts and situations in my own life and trying to find the positivity and purpose in it all.

All this destruction around us, all this conflict, will one day be resolved because we have faced the truth; the lessons learnt I am sure will be fruitful, the memories deep and long lasting, and we will thank the Great Mind for his concern and his patience.

Just as the financial crash will release us from materialism, pollution and stress and lead to better mental and physical health, the time and space will also be there to use our minds to think more and think differently. As we resolve any conflict within, this will surely dissolve any conflict without.