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Water Droplet


Spring Newsletter 2019

Recently at one of our Friday evening meetings Paddina asked any of us to say what our God means to us. One reply was "God is everything". Paddina said she would like to add to that by saying "God is everything that is perfect". We often say that there is nothing that is perfect, except for the Great Mind, so this made sense to me. However, of course, the Great Mind created evil for us to experience and work through and progress spiritually; there is a degree of evil within each one of us when we are created. I wondered about this. Paddina said that there is always the balance. There could not be good without evil, they are a balance for each other. Without evil we would not be able to go forward and progress.

What I have also understood is that everything that is good is within the Natural Law. Anything that is evil or destructive is not a part of the Natural Law. So as well as having someone who is extremely evil in their mind and carrying out evil acts, you could also have someone who destroys through being jealous, through hatred, through cruelty, through falsehood, many things; and this will all be against the Natural Law.

In talking about this piece of writing with Hedley, Paddina drew near and gave the following:

"In all things when the Great Mind prepared the Natural Law his immediate base foundation was simply that in all things within the Universe there must be a balance. This is the very essence of the Natural Law. Without balance, as in the case of your Earth, there is chaos, destruction, evil and oblivion. Without balance there is left but a void which cannot be filled with any content whatsoever. It is a nothing. It is negativity in the extreme. It is everything that the Great Mind and the Natural Law is not. Spirit live to the simple law that in all things there must be balance.

So it was that the Great Mind prepared his Spirits with a content of evil within them to know what evil is, to understand it, to have an appreciation of its aims, and how it works. And through many lives on Eritha, and elsewhere, Spirit have come to an understanding of what evil is, and through these lives and experience in evil, Spirit have the knowledge and the wisdom to work through this and rise above it, having understood completely the content, the purpose and the meaning of evil, thereby laying the foundations for balance within a Spirit. It is not that the Great Mind wants evil to conquer all, it is simply that a certain degree of evil has been allowed for Spirit's journey, and this journey is coming into fruition as exposed upon Eritha. Man has the final opportunity to rectify the imbalance of his world by the recognition of evil, coming to terms with it and finding the strength within him as a race of beings to control evil and all it purports."

I also wanted to write a little about change, which is also I believe a part of the Natural Law. It is constant. Without change how can we move forward? In our lives, our Tapestries, there is always a balance. There will be times of joy and times of sadness, times of success and times of failure, times of change that we might see are for the better, and times of change we might see are for the worse. And sometimes change might appear at first not a good thing, but in time it might be the making of us in that it gives us our purpose and enables us to grow spiritually stronger.

We will be given what we have the potential and the spiritual strength to deal with. The strength is within us to overcome the weakness. The balance is there for us to find. Tests come upon us when we are least expecting them, but that is the nature of a test.

So we get back to 'going with the flow'. These are very wise words from our tutors. We often worry what might happen the next day, the next week, the next year, but going with the flow allows us the freedom to adapt and make decisions in a more peaceful state of mind and make some headway towards a better balance.