The Stranger Within

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Two children in space joining hands looking at the Earth


August 2023

Written for the BeZine

There are many examples where justice for a fairer share of our economic story could be highlighted. Here in the UK we have a number of strikes that have been going on for many months, such as within our National Health Service, our Transport Network, our Teachers, our airline staff, to name but a few, who all have different cases to make, and different stories to tell; but all asking for more pay and, very often, better working conditions. We also had a headline this week where one of our stars of football has moved to a team in Munich, Germany, for a salary of around £400,000 a week.

Extremes of wealth is just one example that has evolved in recent decades to create a world that is showing increasing signs of sickness and imbalance, which in turn highlight the plight of some and the privilege of others alongside the destruction of nature. There is increasing polarisation in politics, religion, race and gender, as well as conflict within communities and families, and between countries. Overshadowing all this is a darkness, an evil web that uses any weakness and frailty this world demonstrates.

Why is this? Is there a connection between our values and the unrest that is apparent in so many forms around us? Is climate change a response to what we have or have not done? How much is the bigger picture of what is happening around the world filtering through to people and perhaps giving pause for thought? Or are we too stressed, burdened down by life from what we are trying to achieve, what we are trying to find to make our lives feel happy, successful and worthwhile? Economic justice would no doubt reflect a world that is kinder, fairer and more thoughtful; but is this likely given the structures and policies in place? And would those who have the most, including influence and power, be willing to enable a fairer system and see more equality in every area of life?

The word 'greed' is not often heard. It is almost an unspoken thought and perhaps people don't want to put their heads above the parapet of this very obvious aspect of our world. Rampant greed, I would say, is very evident in many societies in the world, and the explosion of materialism that seems to have taken over our drive and purpose and feeling of achievement has become a yoke that restrains our soul and compresses our thinking. As a consequence, are we seeing a growing burden on people's shoulders as they try and fulfil the expectation of material wealth and measured success that can be seen and celebrated? This doesn't paint a pretty picture.

My own view, since being a part of The Erasmus Foundation, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in Laxfield, Suffolk in the UK, is that our behaviour has created the right conditions for imbalance and this is now coming round to bite us. Believing, as I do, that we have a spirit within us that is here to learn and progress, I feel that the spirit has been suffocated and spiritual values that would give a fairer, decent life to all have been lost in the noise of so-called progress that is our current world. As a consequence, we are seeing great changes in all areas of life; particularly visual are weather events and health fears through recent pandemics. These are not, and will not, go away while we continue on the path illustrated in this piece.

How long can we go on like this? Is a financial crash on the cards? This is our view, and very likely the view of others but perhaps not widely shared at the moment. It sounds catastrophic but, in reality, will it not free us from the burden we have created? Will it not release us from the hamster wheel of life and force us to stop? As markets and industry collapse, as systems fail and properties and other artefacts once highly prized and valued lose their place on the scale of accomplishment and desire, will we start to realise how blind we have been to this crazy way of living? More importantly and relevant to many people's lives, though I believe little understood at this time, will evil lose its grip and the darkness that envelops so much of our world and its peoples falter and fade?

If this is the case, then there is hope for the future. There is always a positive to any challenge or test. Events stimulate thoughts and questions. If we can surface our minds, our spirit, and use its innate wisdom that is there from eons past, if we can link hands with our neighbours and draw strength from each other, we can get through the changes that are already upon us and the ones that are to come; we will learn to see the quality within each and every one, and justice shall be served for our Earth and for all those who survive.