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Our Changing World

August 2021

Letter sent to UK Government Cabinet Office, Government Departments (sent later to Foreign Embassies)

The difficult situation we find ourselves in at the moment with Afghanistan is a reminder, I believe, of how quickly things can move and how we can be taken by surprise so easily. Most commentary certainly seems to accept this in regards to recent events.

With this in mind, I am writing about the changes that are taking place in our world at the moment to do with the pandemic and climate change; both of which are not going away, in my view, and are going to increase in speed and ferocity in the coming months and years. It is a time of drastic change where people will need to adapt to survive.

Our natural world is polluted and has reached a tipping point. If our pollinators were suddenly not around to give us our food, what would we do? How secure is our financial structure? If it was gone tomorrow, what would we do? Things are moving far, far quicker than people realise. The Natural Law does not wait for mankind, and mankind has not demonstrated the understanding of the urgency and sickness of the world; hence, we are seeing new headlines.

I wanted to share my view, from what I have learnt here at The Erasmus Foundation, about what is going to unfold quite quickly, and list some of these below.


This needs urgent thought and preparation; at the very least, some consideration by governments and authorities that these things could happen, and I would hope that the U.K. could be a leader in this regard in making contingency plans. Whilst more change will come about at a later time, and adapting will become an essential norm, food and water security, plus shelter should be top of the list as events unfold.

There is always a positive, that is the balance, and when we get through this period in our world's history, the benefits will be appreciated and the changes that have occurred will be well understood.

If you have any questions, or if we can help in any way – now, or in the future – please get in touch and we would be very pleased to give our support and assistance.