The Stranger Within

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Youth Movement

13th February 2021

Letter to Greta Thunberg

Dear Greta

On behalf of all those within this World who have a concern for the future of this planet and its wellbeing we thank you for all the effort and concern you have for this ailing World. We would like to offer you all of our support and any help we might offer and may we ask that you refer by spending a few minutes looking at our web site which explains for us how the World is going, how nature and the Natural Law is responding to Mankind's attitude and behaviour of his planet. In spite of all that is happening within the World, nature will eventually rule because the Natural Law has been created by the Great Mind and his will, his order will maintain all that is to be. This World is to survive, it has to, at the cost of some pain and difficulties for the population of this World, but it will ensure that this Earth survives. It is your generation and the youth of tomorrow who will take the planet forward into a new age, a new civilisation, which gives hope for the beauty and sanity which will return to the Earth in time.

If there is anything that we can do to help your work or advise you on our beliefs for the future, we should be pleased to hear from you.