The Stranger Within

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Iceberg in the sea

The Impact of Climate Change

February 2023

Written for The Persimmon Tree Forum

The question is, has greed, falsehood and selfishness, amongst other things, been responsible for creating the right conditions for this imbalance within our world? Climate change events have been building up for many decades, and now they have become so extreme and so frequent more people are taking note and asking questions.

I think the main thing you can do is prepare yourselves well through good self-knowledge because this truth will give you the strength and courage to adapt to the changes that are inevitably happening. By example do you teach the most, and so as well as raising your concerns you can show your strength in how you are adapting; for example, if possible, grow your own food, store food and water, because food shortage is already apparent and likely to increase very quickly.

I think it is too late to stop much of what is happening and will likely happen; often people need something devastating to occur in order to wake up and force a change of thinking and behaviour. It is a hard lesson, but if you can think, prepare, set an example, and help others where you can, that is a positive action.