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Meat Processing and Disease

6th October 2020

For the attention of David Nabarro, Special Envoy on Covid 19 Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Dear Mr Nabarro

After hearing you speak on the BBC news recently I thought you might be interested in some words that were given to us recently here at The Erasmus Foundation by our spiritual tutor on the subject of 'Coronavirus Mutations'. We don't believe there are enough questions about how we treat our natural world, and in particular animals and how we process our meat to perhaps cause the emergence and growth of the coronavirus? Many of the spikes in the growth of the virus are at places linked to meat and meat processing; and it has been said that the virus shows up first in saliva – why is this? Is it from what we have been eating?

The following words on Coronavirus Mutations were given to us by our spiritual tutor on 25th August:

"The corona virus mutations are stronger in their resilience and their effect because, as in nature, there is memory and memory is used to evolve from previous experience and strengths to exploit for the development of the new strain. As Darwin had first discovered through evolution of the species, it is the strongest strain that survives to develop the new species; therefore, the corona virus may very well develop stronger over the coming years, more than is expected at this time.

The strains and mutations of this virus, as they become more numerous, will propagate even larger numbers of mutations from this, like seeds being dispersed on the wind, further creating a wider pandemic as the disease is taking control across your world; all of this stimulated by the abuse and unwholesome meat production throughout your world which, from many countries, has spread this plague because Man has yet to realise the consequences of exploiting nature in an unhealthy and greedy manner."

At the moment we are told that there is a lull or dip in hospital emissions and deaths because many people have built up an immunity to the first wave of the virus, but the virus is using the increasing number of human hosts to grow in quantity and strength and to mutate to a point when it will become more fatal; and to many more people worldwide than before. This is why we think that the root cause of the virus should be questioned more, rather than simply relying on and talking about social distancing, masks and washing hands, which are simply dealing with the symptoms.

We have other information on the coronavirus given to us by our tutors earlier in the year if you are interested. This can be found on our web site If you would like to get in touch, if we can help further, we would be pleased to do so.