The Stranger Within

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Piles of stones in a river

Finding the Balance

Summer Newsletter 2021

'Man will be brought to his knees' was a statement recently from Paddina that was quite impactful, even though we know a certain amount of what is going to happen in the coming years – and, more importantly, why.

But how else will we learn? How else will we make the changes that are necessary? And have we humans not brought our Earth to its knees?

In a way, the Great Mind is making it easier for us in that so much will be taken away from us that we will only have one way to go – we might say 'up'; and that is the case. It might sound brutal, but up is the way to go, up and away from the stress and anxiety that we have created for ourselves. And we should come together as much as possible to do this, as we are all in this together and this will help us. Even before this pandemic, the inequalities and imbalance of how we treated each other and the limited value we put on nature, our animals and wildlife were simply too awful for words. So, although we are now in this pandemic, I know we are working towards something that is so much better than we have created.

So, knowing that we are going through this growing storm that will unleash everything there is at us, we also know that the Great Mind is in total control and that should give us comfort. And in taking away, the Great Mind always gives us something to help us. That is the balance and it is the Natural Law. Because I do believe the Great Mind has concern for us, and patience beyond our imagining. We are his children and he has the understanding of how and why we are where we are. So, with that in mind I know that there are always positives along the way – how else could it be, because that is the choice for us to make – do we follow a negative or do we follow a positive. And believing that thought is the strongest force in the world, I know that if we can recognise and understand the negative but live life with a positive mindset, then we will not only help ourselves but all those around us.

So, it is simple; and Spirit is simplicity. But we humans make things complicated; we make things hard for ourselves. But it doesn't have to be. If we can think a little more; if we can ask more questions, then we might get some answers that will help us. We have to remember there is a positive to all things – and that is the balance.

It is the balance of finding the compassion and concern within us and not drifting into despair and apathy.

It is remembering the light when there is darkness, and the purpose of darkness enabling light to be seen.

Just as we see the light at the end of the tunnel on our journey Home, so we will come to see the true light of our World and how it should be. In time, our understanding - crucial for us to go forward in the right way - will enable those who survive this time to fulfil their responsibilities and purpose to help bring back a balance in all things.