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Industrial pollution

COP26 - Industrial pollution

16th February 2021

Relating to the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 1-12 November 2021

Dear Sir/Madam

In reference to the forthcoming UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in November later this year, we would like to offer you our views on how climate change could be resolved.

Man has been the cause of the coronavirus pandemic, fully responsible, as well as also responsible for the change in climate. Therefore, Man should be looking to himself as the cause for all this destruction, to then find the means to bring the World back to health and balance. We believe this could be achieved if all peoples worldwide were reminded of their responsibility to ensure that the extremes of behaviour in industry and farming practises, which are unhealthy in their mistreatment of wildlife and the animals that are being processed unhealthily for the meat industry and more, were brought back into natural order.

The World is sick and is facing a very challenging time for its survival. It will survive, it must do, it has to, but this can only come into being by all peoples of all nations sharing the responsibility, coming together and reprogramming the industries of the World by avoiding pollution and maintaining meat production and animal husbandry back in the natural fashion, as it was always meant to be. Less meat production would also bring about a great benefit to prevent the rise in global temperatures. This has been shown and discussed widely, and eventually we believe that Man, worldwide, will be solely vegetarian. It is through the unhealthy manner of Mankind mistreating animals with unhealthy farming practise that has been the cause of the present pandemic disease. The future of this World is the concern of the young and they are showing their discontent and demand for change as it should be. The World will come back into balance and God sanity but it needs Man's endeavour as well.

If there is anything we can do to help this shared cause and concern we would be most pleased to inform you more of what we have learnt here at The Erasmus Foundation which we would like to pass on to anyone who shares the concern for the World's wellbeing.