Julia Griffin - author

The Stranger Within
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The Stranger Within

Finding a Purpose in Life

How well do you know yourself?

Are you utilising all that makes you unique or is there a part of you that remains hidden, untapped, unknown; a stranger within?

These writings have been inspired by my belief that you have a resource within you, and that is your spirit. This is not something wispy, strange or inconsequential but very real, solid and meaningful. Just because you cannot see or feel something doesn't mean it is not there. My belief is that your spirit makes up half of your being while you are on the Earth, and if it is not known about, used or understood then this is a large percentage of your structure that is missing from your daily life.

So, getting to know yourself completely, physically and spiritually, will help you be true to yourself and give you the spiritual strength to live your life the best way you can. For, your spiritual heritage goes back much further than the heritage of this particular life because your spirit will have lived many lives before this one in many cultures and civilisations, experiencing and learning many things that your spirit retains and which is a part of you forever.

The aim, through these writings, is to help you realise this valuable resource, this essential you, in order to find answers to questions you may have; to find some peace that is always there within you and more wonderful than words can say; and to help you understand that you do indeed have a reason and purpose for living.

At this time of many difficulties and change, the one thing you have to draw upon is your spirit which I believe will help you face the challenges of today and, with understanding, work for a more positive tomorrow.

January 2023

"Given that the balance of life will always bring times of challenge and testing as well as times of joy and achievement, we could say that within every life there is an opportunity for transformation and, indeed, we might also say that we come to the Earth to live a life to be transformed through the purpose and experience that life brings." From 'Transformation' December 2022

"If we can go with the flow of life, accept there is a force that is in control and do the best we can, we can achieve much. To keep a positive mind-set through self-knowledge and an understanding of our purpose will help us cope and adapt to change. But it is important to reach out to others to help us do this because sharing and learning is what, in essence, life is about." From 'The Stranger Within' October 2022

"Imagine a pearl necklace with each life a pearl that is added to the strand when we depart this world; separate and unique and yet a part of our own individual experience, giving us a memory to draw upon forever more." From 'Social Justice' August 2022

"If times are going to get even tougher than they already are, what better way to face these changes than with the belief in ourselves through true self-knowledge and understanding, with an acceptance that with everything and everyone there is a reason and a purpose." From 'Social Justice' August 2022