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Resistance and Resilience

November 2022

I submitted the following article to The Persimmon Tree, a magazine available digitally based in the U.S.

Resistance and resilience are interesting and important words to consider at this time of so much imbalance, upheaval and change. In both cases I would say there needs to be some inner strength to demonstrate such actions, which I would say is spiritual strength.

I have been a part of The Erasmus Foundation, a spiritual teaching and healing centre in Laxfield, Suffolk in the U.K. for most of my life. At the heart of the teachings is a belief that we are a Spirit living within a physical body for the duration of a life, however short or long, in order to learn, to teach, and thereby make some progress spiritually. We would say that our Spirit is our mind and gives us clarity, strength, creativity, perhaps a little wisdom, amongst other things, whilst our brain is like a computer and part of the physical body. Logically, I believe there is only so much we can learn in one life and so reincarnation, which is a key part of the Foundation's tutoring, helps make sense of life.

I also believe that there is a force, a God, a Great Mind – however you wish to call it – that is in overall control of our Universe. We use the words 'The Great Mind', something perhaps our tiny minds would find difficult to understand, but if we have an acceptance that there is some force out there that is in control, with a plan for our Universe, then perhaps this could give us comfort and purpose.

So, if we accept that there is this strength within us then in order to tap into it, we need to know ourselves well in truth. Meditation is a helpful tool to find more clarity because in quietening the brain we allow thoughts from our mind to surface. Through self-analysis this can lead to a realisation of our strengths and weaknesses as well as our purpose.

Change is constant, part of the Natural Law which governs the Universe, and at times we might feel we want to resist change, to stand up for what we believe in, for others, for the truth, whatever is important to us to resist. And if we have given thought to this and feel it is right then this has to be applauded, particularly as truth is very lacking in a world that is out of balance because of people's thinking and behaviour.

To have resilience means that we can adapt, and sometimes we have to adapt and go with the flow of life because we cannot resist everything. Some things are to happen that are out of our control, and so to have a certain acceptance of this, along with true knowledge of ourselves, will help reduce stress and enable a more positive mindset.

And if we can do all the above with dignity and in quietude, we will set an example to steer our world to a more peaceful place.