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Looking Forward

Winter Newsletter 2019

Something that struck me recently, and I can't remember whether I read it or I heard it, but it was that Spirit, at Home, look forward. They don't look back in the way we do on the Earth sometimes. They have acceptance, they have the memory of all their lives on Earth and in other places, as well as their time at Home since their beginnings, and this is open to them at any time. But they have their work that they have chosen to do, and they are at peace with where they are, who they are, and how they are.

So how does this work when we are on the Earth? Is it important to look forward? What should we do to enable this to be a more natural mindset, if we think this is a good thing?

This came to mind again upon hearing that Di was awake and was now being prepared for some work that she was excited about doing. I was happy for her, as I know we all were. Why should she want to make contact here, or think about here; she had no doubt analysed her life when in the Halls of Healing and I am sure, as she said herself when she was with us, she learned a great deal, and we would say taught much as well. She will be there at some of the Homecomings of those she worked with and became close to; but Di is now looking forward, and her work at Home is now her present and what she is concentrating on.

I think this is one of the things we are aiming for while we are here in a life – to look forward. And again, what do we mean by this? At present, the way the world is, this is quite a puzzle for many of us, to say the least, because we lose some peace and stability that we should be able to build on as a young child due to many situations and circumstances and, of course, due to our Tapestry. We are physical and spiritual, and to bring the two together as one is quite a task; but one that we have accepted with the knowledge of the potential to learn and to teach.

So, to get to a place where we can look forward on the Earth and live forward day to day is, I am feeling, a place and a time when we are living more in the now, we are going with the flow, a phrase we have grown well used to, and a place where we are more at peace with ourselves inside and identify more with the truth. I think it is only when we have established a certain amount of true knowledge, inner peace and acceptance, and a level of understanding of what we have learnt, that we can let go of the past and see it in a positive light because of what it has taught us.

To reach this point is a journey that we weave as we go through experiences, make mistakes, face up to ourselves with courage when we can, and find some spiritual strength to keep trying. It is a task we will continue to work on until the end of our life, because we will always be learning – from our tutors, from each other, and from our contemplations and meditations.

So, we are where we are because of our past and once we have that understanding, and a positive mindset about ourselves, we should perhaps use it more for helping us in the moment, in the now, and going forward to help others who perhaps have not the understanding we have been given, or reached a level of acceptance to look forward positively. Perhaps through writing, speaking, in how we communicate with others day to day, we have an opportunity to help others and be further enriched ourselves in the process.

We should not be looking back with any negative thinking, with regret or self pity; that is unhelpful, a waste of time and energy and really quite destructive. It is not what I think the Great Mind would want us to do. So, this journey is perhaps one to reflect on, and try and understand our past, but then to leave it alone and move on; look forward with strength and belief that for everything that is meaningful there is a reason and a purpose.

I have been reminded recently that it is important to do a self inspection at the end of each day, but this is to take us forward into our next day, a chance to analyse and then put into action, if we can, what we have found. It is a reminder, also, that what the Great Mind asks of us is work; work to bring happiness, fulfilment and joy from the tears, battles and tests along the way – for ourselves, and for others by example. Work is to endeavour, to do our best; and as Paddina and our other tutors often say to us, what more can be asked of us, and what more can we do?