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27th April 2021

To Dr Bruce Greyson, Psychiatrist

Dear Dr Greyson

I have just read a short version in The Week magazine of an article that appeared in The Guardian newspaper here in the U.K. of your work in studying consciousness, the afterlife and near-death experience which I found very interesting and thought to contact you to tell you about a charity called The Erasmus Foundation that I have been involved with since the early 1970s and which you might find helpful given your research and thinking.

The Erasmus Foundation (the web site is given below) is a spiritual teaching and healing centre started in the early 1970s by Paddina and Gordon Cole with its main aims being to offer spiritual healing, free of charge at all times to anyone in need who asked to receive this healing; and also spiritual teachings. The latter were received in the main through Paddina who had the gift of being a deep trance medium but who was also wise enough in her own right to give lectures to all of us students. Paddina was also a clinical psychologist. Gordon was a very strong healer. They have since passed away, we would say 'returned Home' and we are carrying on the work that they started.

Part of the work we are doing is to transcribe some of the many lectures we have received from Paddina and other tutors, such a the spirit who lived the life of Erasmus whose spiritual name is Ruscora, and put these into books so that when there is interest in the future, as we believe there will be, some of the information will be readily available to read.

If any of this is of interest and you would like to get in touch we would be very happy to hear from you.