Julia Griffin - author

The Stranger Within
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Where is the 'Why?'

Winter Newsletter 2021

A little word, 'why?', and one that has been brought to our attention a number of times by our tutors over the years. And now, more than ever, perhaps we should be asking this. Why, for instance, do we have this coronavirus? Why, indeed, are there other viruses raising their heads also at this time, although we are dealing with some of them on a regular basis, such as the flu virus, the HIV virus, the bird flu virus, etc. SARS, of course, hit the headlines in the early 2000s, and has this gone away? All viruses, we are informed, are here all the time; and they are all related. So why is this happening now? We were told when SARS was making an outbreak that there would be a more virulent virus mixture in the future that would make its mark and have an impact on our World. Well, we have it here now. Why?

Well, the simple answer I believe, and we believe here at the Foundation, is that the conditions are right. We have had warnings; as we know that the Great Mind in his wisdom and graciousness gives us with many things at certain times. But have we been paying attention? Have we been listening and looking at our World and seeing how things have been changing? Not just with nature and our animals, but with human beings? There is so much more unhappiness, so much more stress, so much more depression; in fact mental health is a major concern and topic for discussion at the moment for obvious reasons – the pandemic. But this was a growing problem even before the start of this year. Why?

When you hear the news on TV and radio there is much concern and discussion on all these issues, but rarely do you hear anyone posing the question of why these things are occurring and growing; what is the root of these issues? More often there is discussion on treating these problems – and here we are really talking about the symptoms - with resources that are more and more depleted. Why?

Some people are temporarily uplifted by the talk of vaccines. And who could blame them for some relief and hope in what has been, and continues to be, a difficult and upsetting year for many. We will have to see if their relief is justified, but I think this virus is not going anywhere until we ask the simple question 'Why?'

So, to get back to the conditions; I believe we have to start with us, the people living on this World. We have to start to look at ourselves and our behaviour and see how we have been individually and collectively responsible for an imbalance within our World that is becoming more and more plain to see. It is this growing imbalance within Mankind that has caused the Covid virus to surface and grow. We need to look at how we care for and feed our animals, and then how the meat is processed. Perhaps some people are already thinking and looking; but there is little or no publicity on this subject. Environmentalists are doing their best to draw people's attention to how nature and wildlife is being destroyed, but until we all stop and think about the values we hold and the lifestyle we lead, and get to know ourselves better in truth, there may not be a great deal of impact or change to our news headlines.

So where is the 'why'? It is within us. We just to have to use our minds; the answers are there if we ask the right questions. Then the World is open to us all with the promise and expectation and the desire to make a difference in a positive way.