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The Stranger Within
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Climate Change Temperature

13th October 2022

To the BBC Radio 4 Today Team

All this talk about growth does not seem to take into account that our Earth may not be able to sustain people in the most basic of ways – sufficient food and water healthy enough to sustain people, not just in the poorer countries, but in the more affluent parts of our world, and food shortage is already of great concern here in the UK; and disease is on the increase because the conditions caused by pollution through industry, farming, traffic, food processing, to name a few, have enabled them to grow and thrive. This is all down to Mankind's behaviour and to think that we can continue to talk about 'Growth' (which I read as 'Greed') is, in my view, not only blinkered but totally irresponsible.

Nature and the Natural Law are not, and will not, stand by and allow Man's Law to dictate, and I believe events will show this to be true. Putin's war and its effect on growth will be shown to be minimal compared to what nature is unfurling and will increasingly be seen to do; leaders around the world appear blind to this big picture of imbalance and sickness, as well as tin-eared to any thinking person speaking out with real concern.

Perhaps the Today Programme could ask our leaders more questions about this bigger picture?