Julia Griffin - author

The Stranger Within
Sacks of stored rice

Food and Water Security

6th December 2022

Sent to the Cabinet Office and DEFRA

Within The Erasmus Foundation we have been talking for many years about food and water security and have been storing and growing our own food so that we are prepared for what I believe is now coming to fruition across the whole world; and that is a famine that will be worldwide due to climate change and other events brought about by pollution and disease. The so-called food mountains will do little to sustain the 7-8 billion people because it will not last long and so I am urging the Prime Minister to discuss this with other world leaders so that a strategy to cope with such an essential need is put in place and more large containers of whatever construction are sequestered so that more food and water than usual is put aside. This will ease the disaster that is in the wings and has, in fact, already started but in the usual countries to date.

Please consider that the U.K. is ripe amongst the rest of the world to be short of food as well as clean, healthy water. Please act now because the speed of events, which will contribute to a global financial crash that has already started, will far outpace what the Government has informed us it is doing. For more information please visit 'The Erasmus Foundation Podcast' or Erasmus Foundation website. We would be happy to help in any way we can. Thank you.