Julia Griffin - author

The Stranger Within

Truth - A Pandemic Cure?

'To be wise there has to be truth, otherwise there is no meaning.' These words have come from within our Foundation recently and I think they are very appropriate for life as a whole. But when facing the pandemic of Covid19 are we perhaps guilty of addressing the symptoms of this strong and mutating virus, rather than facing the difficult questions of how and why this virus has emerged? Are we trying to fix the symptoms without addressing the cause?

An investigation has recently been announced by the WHO to look at where and how the pandemic started, with a focus to begin with on Wuhan in China. But has the truth been stifled for political reasons? Is it convenient for some to blame it on China? We at the Erasmus Foundation believe that the virus has always been here, as all viruses are always here, but that the imbalance of our world, caused by Mankind, has brought about the right conditions for this virus to surface and mutate. No one country is responsible, it is everywhere.

So, perhaps we should ask what we have done, and continue to do worldwide, to cause this imbalance?

In this regard, and in order to do what we can to help, The Erasmus Foundation has produced a number of podcasts. They can be listened to via our website www.erasmus-foundation.org or by subscribing to 'The Erasmus Foundation Podcast'. One podcast, in particular, is where we speak with one of our spiritual tutors on the subject 'Our Future World' which gives reasons why we have this pandemic and what has caused it.

This is a difficult and challenging time for the whole world and we should be coming together to face the truth, especially in the face of a growing pandemic that is increasing in strength each day.

If we can help in any way, now or in the future, we would be very happy to do so.