Julia Griffin - author

The Stranger Within
a head of a Buddha

Living Life to the Full

Summer Newsletter 2018

Recently, my understanding of 'potential' was given a greater clarity when discussing at a Friday evening meeting the point about 'living life to the full'. My ears pricked up, because surely this is what we would all like to do, but what exactly does this mean? Very simply, and logically – as all our tuition from Spirit is – I heard from Paddina that it means having an acceptance of what the Great Mind has given you; but taking the time to discover it.

I think the words 'taking the time' strike me as important to consider in the first place. Patience is certainly needed to get to know ourselves; and in the world we have been brought up in, there is a need for a lot of unearthing of the truth because of insecurities that have taken hold of our being.

Do we approach this work with positivity and endeavour, or do we think negatively about it and look to find excuses or draw attention from others to our plight? This, I believe, is our choice. Our Tapestry is laid down for us, but it is up to us how we live it, and surely, through the responsibility we each have for ourselves, it is up to us to do the work and make decisions because I believe this is where we use our spiritual strength and courage, and this is how we grow and learn.

To get to a stage of having an acceptance of what the Great Mind has given you means that we have faced reality. As we gather the truth about us, through trials and experience, mistakes and achievements, and in particular at times of freedom of choice, then there is a certain refinement of the Spirit, and I can see how there is more peace that comes from this, from within, and that this peace reflects a certain acceptance.

As was mentioned recently in another discussion, this 'more rounded person', in having the sharp edges smoothed down from life's experience and trials, will naturally give off an essence of our true self to others. Giving of ourselves and of our truth, is surely one of life's great joys.

So living life to the full is not some loud, active, hair raising experience, but it is quiet, thoughtful, peaceful, comfortable, joyous, and giving. It is being comfortable with who you are and what you can do, especially what you can do to help others. Is this the 'be' that we have spoken about before? Hard won, but meaningful and spiritually evolving.